Cooking Classes

Fancy yourself a foodie?
Let us indulge your gastronomic interests!

Everyone Can Cook!

At Gastro, we believe that everyone can cook with the confidence of a chef, even if you consider yourself the most novice of cooks. Each of our chefs has years of experience teaching people how to cook, from 12-year-old Chopped Canada Junior contestants (yes, really!) and college-bound teens, to the most discerning of foodies & the most green of novices.

Click here to view the 2024 Winter Teen Chef Schedule.

Chop Like a Champion!

Designed to mimic chef school (without having to break the bank or make inconvenient time commitments), we offer an intensive 8-week culinary program that will make you a super star in your kitchen – regardless of your current skill set (or lack thereof).

We’ll start with knife skills, advance to soup, stocks and sauces, proceed to butchery and meat cookery, and finish with fish & seafood!

Offered Saturday mornings from 10 am – 1 pm and Monday evenings from 6pm-9pm, the program is offered three times per year in Fall, Winter & Spring. Sign up now!

Click here to view the Winter 2024 Home Chef Schedule.

Cooking with Your Better Half (don’t worry, there’s wine!)

Join us every Friday for couples cooking! Come for date night, leave with a full stomach, a newfound appreciation for your partner, and possibly some new friends. Better than couples therapy, our partner-based cooking classes include the cookery of an appetizer, entrée and dessert, shared over a candlelit table in our chic private dining room. Remember, those who cook together, stay together!

Click here to view the Winter 2024 Couples Cooking Schedule.